Doyle harasses me and Melissa gives me his computer.

JANUARY 26.2021 There’s a blessing that came after the storm..Long story as short as possible,i thought that Doyle was the person i paid the 400 dollars to when he and kenny and i were discusing my purchasing both trailers…yesmi stupidly thought i could keep mine and pay for Doyle’s lot too…roughly $800.00 a month,plus electric..realised that sane same day after the meeting that i cant….i messaged him that night, he said i woke him up.he was mad.the next day i messaged him again..this time he said he was at work when he got it and again he was mad.well i simply told him i need to get the money back that i gave to him for the trailer.he got madmsaid he didnt have it,that i signed the receipt and got it from Kenny…well i remembered that he was correct.. so the next day i spoke with Kenny..he said he gave the 400 to sabine river authorities for the trailer space..matt and melissa reminded me later that kenny owns this property so Sabine River wouldnt be getting paid for the lot,,so i got took..then Doyle claimed i owe him for a circuit breaker box that he claims he spent a couple hundred dollars on..and he says i owe him for the installation and the four days i stayed in his trailer while my electricity was out…that adds up to over 200 dollars..he told melissa from the beginning that he was giving me the breaker box cause he cant use it and would install it for nothing..while i was sleeping in his trailer in the afternoon,he installed a box that he went out and bought but didnt tell me ahead of time he was buying it..then he installed it..i didnt know this until melissa told me later that evening ..//Doyle then told me i owe him for the box,the installation and for the 4 days i stayed in his trailer while my electric was before yesterday i confronted kenny outside before Doyle was out and about and was told then,about the 400 dollars being unavailable..the 100 dollars i gave kenny covered my electric bill from last month and this he says..and night before last,melissa told me that doyle gave her his computer because he had recently bought a laptop.he gave her the pcmthe monitor and the printer..she turned around last night and gave them to ME..said i can have them..So tonight about 3 hours ago..or 3 and a half..when i left their trailer to come home,we put the pc and monitor and cables in her truck and she drove them over here and we put them inside..and here i am on a computer and online ,which has been my biggest dream since we were evicted from our apartment..God finally blessed me with a computer and its property of a man that harassed me and treated me like dirt..told me i’m a kook and that kenny was going to evict me and Nan… God gave me the PC that Doyle intended for Melissa to have..he’s doing his best to buddy up to Melissa..Hes too old,not just in years but mentally as thankful to Yeshua for blessing me like this..its been so long since i;ve sat like this ,in front of a pc and monitor and typed on a keyboard online..I sat here falling asleep a few times…but im going to stay up for a long time AND PLAY online…oh my Lord its been so know hasn’t hit me yet exactly what this means…online means my ministry can begin now right away and downloading all my music from…the hard drive has over 230GB of free space my ministry,i can video visit with a therapist at md live,i can stream video of Patches again and record him,i can video and take pictures of the trailer inside,and even outside like videos of the lake and immediate area right outside the trailer..the table area. the store,the bathrooms and shower rooms…i can do everything i was doing in the apartment..all the things ive been wanting to do for over two years.i can buy audio cd’s and roxio software and burn music from my collection on to biggets dream(besides moving in to an apartment) has been answered..come true..i plan to record patches on dvd asap and to buy blank cd’s from amazon and start recording again.i plan to surf the web again..ill be on this machine 6 hours a night i bet like i used to be..gotta write a letter to michael to let him know about this..brb..gotta pee,.,. back.well,i guess now i have to find a permanent place for the pc and monitor..and i have to connect the cam i have in the bedroom on the bed..thank god i have a webcam here..hope it works.and i probably have a microphone..yes i know i do!! i can probably use the mic that fits my fact i can broadcast my music now..i plan to download all my music to the hard drive..about 60 some odd GB i believe in total..i can go to so many sites now..i know that i am probably very overtired because i cant remember off hand so much of the stuff i can do with a pc but i know generally i can think of tons of funs..but right now very little..i really am in need of sleep..but im so thankful that i have a computer again..thank you god..thank you lord..i, know im tired because i can’t even get excited like i should be.i’ll find out soon enough all the stuff i can do with it that i havent done in years..and when it hits me i’ll feel much more excited.i love the lord my god for bringing this computer to me.. a Dell..with an Intel Pentium..inside..tomorow sometime ,i plan to connect my TV to it..a 59 inch monitor!! wow!! going to stop here and proofread..then correct typos and type the time and then check other sites out..write to michael.take some piucs of patches..set amazon to upload my pc pictures that get taken.. ill post again tomorrow night!..i have a pc now to do plenty of videos and pics of Patches before his last days start showing…yayyy,videos of us playing and wrestling!!i can shoot videos from the windows and record us walking,playing and loving each other and having fun..and HE can watch them too!!yeah i wish i wasnt so sleepy right now,,but i yam.. i’ll post later today..Tuesday,january 26,2021,6;30am.

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Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving November 24th 2022, Thursday evening.

November 24th 2022 5:58 p.m… well, well.. Angel and I are sitting in our car at the library and it’s been raining most if not all of the day, including the entire time that we’ve been sitting here. It seems to have let up for the most part now. When we pulled up here, until just a few minutes ago, some homeless guy was sitting here and I kind of figured he’d probably been here most of the day if not all day, on the porch of the library using Wi-Fi… He left about, 8 or 9 minutes ago and walked off someplace, but I suspect he’ll be back. I have a strong punch he’s been sleeping in the field here behind the library or possibly in the storage building next to the library. It’s just a real strong feeling I’ve Got.. well it’s coming down rain again. Angels with me like I said. It’s been an interesting thanksgiving, I don’t think I’ve ever had one like it before. I actually did not know it was Thanksgiving Day until some hours after I got up. In fact it was well after light I believe when I realized it was Thanksgiving Day and the reason for that is.. well I don’t know really. I found out that it was Thanksgiving by turning on the TV and turning it to Fox News channel and there was eventually some kind of a breeding that said something like have a pleasant Thanksgiving Day or something like that. Either a fire vehicle.. an emergency fire vehicle or a cop pass by just now with it siren blaring coming from the Quinlan area going toward the motel area.. I sure hope there’s nothing going on in my apartment that’s going to surprise me when I get there. I have so many possessions there that if anything happened at this point I don’t think I’ll be able to survive it without heavy depression and I’m talking really heavy depression. But I’m not going to sit here and use my imagination like that. Anyway I’ve been really really depressed and crying a lot lately. But I decided that I have to get past the crying and the depression and begin trying to get a hold of Karen Houston in order to see if I can’t get into an RV park somewhere or one bedroom cabin or something. I truly believe she’ll help me when I explain my situation, and there’s no use getting all depressed and cry baby about it because it does not help the situation! Angel is doing something kind of weird that I’ve never seen any dog do and I’ve never had a dog do it. He was catching the raindrops on his tongue, a little earlier while we were sitting here, putting his head out the window and yapping up raindrops as they were coming down, it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, as I’ve never had a dog that did that and I’ve never seen a dog do it! I will probably read this day in history regarding Thanksgiving and I’ll probably start about a week back or so. I’m trying to remember when I last read this day in history, as it seems it was probably a week and a half ago maybe even but maybe not. I’ll figure it out later and I’ll read the days that I haven’t read. It seems like there’s a bunch of traffic on 276 and back at me suddenly, because for some reason traffic has picked up immensely in the past few minutes and it’s really loud and crowded it sounds like. I can’t understand that because it seems like if I turn around to go home that I’m literally going to be driving in heavy traffic.. surely I’m wrong, I’ve never seen heavy traffic on 276.. the heavy kind of traffic you’d see in Quinlan for example. But I sure as hell looks like it but what I’m hearing and what I see when I turn around and look. I have to be wrong I’m sure! Anyway I’m thinking about heading back to the motel instead of doing any this day in history reading. I messaged Melissa. She didn’t reply yet. She left a message a little earlier and that she had just gotten home from the restaurant. The diner. And she said she was tired so it wouldn’t surprise me if she laid down and fell asleep. Angel was growling for some reason. Just a little bit. My phone won’t do video for some reason. I tried to do video and I was going to post it on WordPress.. but my phone won’t shoot videos and keep them. I shoot them but they don’t take for some reason. I keep getting a message that they’re not taking because I don’t have enough room. I guess maybe I should delete some of the pictures I have on my phone but I didn’t think I had that many. I I knew they were being backed up to Amazon so I thought that I deleted them from the phone. Anyway it looks like I’m going to have to rely on taking pictures on Thanksgiving night, tonight, instead of doing videos…. That’s okay I guess even though I prefer doing videos for the most part. Because I like to download the videos as a part of my history of course, on a WordPress and in Facebook. But.. we woke up early this morning at about.. I’m trying to remember.. I want to say it was like 12:00 midnight or sometime not much later than that. I really truly don’t remember but it seems like we only got about a few hours sleep. I could be wrong because I lost track as to what time it was I went to bed, so when we woke up I just wasn’t really sure how long we’ve been asleep. And I don’t remember what time now it was that we woke up. But I’m not sleepy now so.. we’ve been going to bed in the evening, and sometimes the late evening and getting up in the mornings long before light. And we got up this morning of course it was long before light and when I realized it was Thanksgiving finally it was after light. But when we got up we sat around watching TV and pretty much that was it, not much else. I watched the rest of the Bruce Willis movie, die hard 3, DieHard something or other….. Oh yes, die hard, die harder with a vengeance or something like that. Anyway I have yet to now watch part 4 which I might do tonight later. I was talking with Sheila earlier outside as I was walking angel and it looked as though I was getting some female observance attention.. strangely enough.. I plan on sitting outside tonight enough that’s if the females want to talk to me they can do so. But if they want to be the typical a hole so they’ve been being while I’m living there, that’s no skin off my nose. I’ll say this and I’m just being truthful! I have been as slimb as heck the past several days at least. I really don’t know why but I’m craving ilnzmxv extremely, and I’m not sure why. That is to say, I’m not sure why so much more suddenly. In fact I’ve actually been seriously slkrmt that someone, a uvnzov will kzhh our drmwld, so I can let loose of my wiadvih and let them view nb gvhgrxovh as I tilkv and kozb… Unfortunately that’s like going back in time quite a while, because it has been quite a while since I was doing fist City. A bit staggering.. ayyy? I feel extremely blessed even though I’m in the situation that I’m in and I do thank God for all the blessings.. I think Jesus for all the blessings that I have in my life. I realize that because of the fact I don’t have my mother or my father or patches anymore in my life, did I have to start a new life going forward with Angel and with the Lord and pretty much in a brand new surroundings, but yet here in this area. I realize I must absolutely go forward into a new RV Park or a one bedroom cabin or something,with all my possessions …. And there’s going to be fewer possessions because of the people at Seagoville storage stealing Dad’s guitars and amplifier and truthfully I have no idea what else or what all has been taken and I probably never will. But I’m having to consider that the guitars and the amplifier and my mother’s dishes and cutlery and silverware have all been taken, as well as my futon and any kind of furniture I had. In fact I must have had a coffee table. That plastic or vinyl covered bench that I have.. I’m not sure that I’ve opened it up to see what’s inside. It’s that bench that has the plastic vinyl seat, that closes downward with the metal hinges on each side. I know what I’m talking about at this time anyway. I forgot exactly what’s in that bench. Seagoville storage managers took mom’s jewelry from her jewelry box, unless I want to blame melissa, even though I actually did not see her take anything, so I’m not going to accuser. I’m going to assume that the storage managers took the jewelry. But then again why take the jewelry and dump the jewelry box because it’s a very nice jewelry box and with the jewelry inside it would have been in my opinion very inviting to take the entire jewelry box with the jewelry inside of it instead of dumping it in something else to take it. Anyway I guess I ought to head back to the motel. I was going to sit up here and join a lot of media sites and domains now since I have a telephone number to use as part of my membership information. So many of those social media sites insist on having a telephone number as part of the profile. But I’m just going to go ahead and head back and have Thanksgiving dinner. I already made Thanksgiving lunch and breakfast today.hehehe (..chuckle…).. and you know what? I think I’ll wait around while I’m watching outside the window, watching TV, with Angel laying beside me. I think I’ll wait for a triorv to pass by the nlgvoilln so I can unload nrhgvi szkkb and do whatever with it. I wasn’t so heck bent on doing that until, I’d say about 3 days ago when I realized there were midgets crawling around under the car stool..not ivzoob…YouTube big boob . Got to admit, I do not feel anywhere near nb ivzo wrtrgzo mfnyvih ….. Well.. I’m going to go pee before I leave the library and I’m going to check my oil as well. So I’m going to go ahead and walk the dog to the side of the building and urinate and you’re a nine as well.. and then I’m going to check my oil and then I’m going to head back to the motel. I’ll take pictures before I leave here when we get back in the car. November 24th, 2022, 6:39 p.m..brb…..#$$$…. 6:45 p.m., we’re back in the car and I’m totally out of breath. Having a hard time catching my breath. Angel try to get out of the car past me instead of waiting until I got him out of the car by his leash. I literally had to hold him back with as much strength as I could to keep him in the car until I got a hold of his leash.. I’ve never seen him act like that before and if you ever does again I’m going to smack the crap out of him. Anyway I’m just now catching my breath again.. I don’t mean to be cussing on Thanksgiving or anytime, as I really am trying to quit entirely. So I apologize to myself or whoever is reading this.. to my knowledge I’ll be the only one reading this in the future unless I let Michael read my journal. Michael’s probably the only person that I’d ever let read my entire WordPress journal, unless a future girlfriend…. Actually maybe the only reason that I anticipated going back a while ago is the fact it was getting cold in the car.. very cold and it didn’t occur to me just to turn on the heater for a few minutes…. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me. But also I don’t really want to sit here for as long as I thought I was going to earlier. It is possible that I might come back a little later tonight before bedtime to get back online. But I think for right now we’ll head back.. and like I said, we’ll have Thanksgiving dinner of some sort. I’ll feed him puppy food and water him… And I’ll go ahead and fix spaghetti and rice mixed together with garlic pepper and red pepper and salt and chili without beans. That sounds really good… It’s the chili with the spaghetti and rice that makes it taste so great and of course the garlic pepper really adds to it. The Red pepper too as long as I don’t put too much in it. And I think I’ll also have a meals on Wheels TV dinner with it. And I guess I’ll drink coffee as well as the fact that I might go by Billy’s and buy a Coke or something. Yeah, but if I do I’ll have to spend I think it’s at least $2 if I use my card. The other day I tried to buy something for less than a dollar and I think he told me I’d have to spend at least $2 if I just want to use my debit card.. he said something about it costing them every time somebody uses their card.. that seems strange to me. In fact I ought to Google it, because why should it cost a store money every time somebody uses their card. It seems to me if that’s the case stores would ban the use of the debit card in a case like that.. well I got my headlights on and my engine on and I guess I’m going to back out of here and head back down 276 to Hell Motel.. I’m going to get pictures before I head out of here. And again I forgot to check the oil and the air in the tire. So I guess I’ll do it later on in the parking lot. I wish when I plan to check my oil and air, that I would remember to do it.. what happens is I generally plan to do it but then I do something else beforehand and it totally slips my mind then… I really love this area. I realize now there’s so many.. so many of these streets have homes on them and trailer parks and all kinds of stuff and any city that has been built at all has been built around them. So what you have is more country than anything else here but it’s just kind of hidden by everything that’s built along 276. Because you take any of these streets off 276, you eventually wind up in the woods. Before even getting a quarter of a mile down the road down any of these roads.. so what that tells me is or what it indicates to me, is that this area will never be built up to be so much City that I’ll be uncomfortable or that it’ll cause me to be uncomfortable. It’s always going to remain pretty much country to the point that I’ll probably always be in love with it. I think Angel is pretty upset about the way I treated him a while ago after we got out of the car or actually before we got out of the car. And open the door to get out like I normally do when I exit the car, to jump out of the car and he was so heck event on it that he was very strong and using all of his weight and muscle to do so and to be honest I think he almost got asked me because it was extremely hard to hold him back long enough to grab his leash. And that’s what I was trying to do was hold him back long enough just to grab his leash before he pushed himself past me and jump out the car. It took all of my strength to contain him in the car so that I could grab his leash. It really upset me that he acted like that as he’s never done so before. I’ll stop taking him with me in the car if he’s going to act like that! But anyway.. I’m going to pass him and love on it before we head out while we’re sitting here so he doesn’t stay in it depressed mood or anything…. I really do love angel I really do love him and I’ve grown extremely attached to him. I have to say probably as much as I was attached to Patches after I got him years ago. So I’m going to go ahead and add him and love on him for a few minutes and then I’m going to go ahead and pull out of here and on to the highway and then we’ll head to the motel room. That is I still plan to do everything I said when I get there and I’ll see how it turns out.. if anything does come from it that would be cool. But I don’t know what would come from it because most of those … If not all of those…trioh have ylb uirvmwh … Even though I feel like the tfbh are nvzm xifvo and zhhvh all of the trioh remain as olbzo as possible. So I don’t know how far I get if in the kind of situation I could pull out nrhgvi hszug… But it looks like I might find out finally tonight after living there for a year and 2 months. That’s right I moved in September 28th 2021…love on the doggy for a few minutes and we’re going to head back.. November 24 2022 7:09 p.m.

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